J. Kim Wright Interview

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J. Kim Wright J.D., is a pioneer in the field of law as a healing profession. A graduate of the University of Florida College of Law, she passed the North Carolina Bar in 1994, her third successful bar exam and the only membership that she currently maintains. She was the original founder of the Renaissance Lawyer Society, a non-profit organization of lawyers “supporting legal transformation and innovation” and wrote their original web site of almost 400 pages of information. The “RLS” site showcased ways of practicing law that were solution-oriented, collaborative, restorative, peacemaking and healing and promoted the new approaches as a movement and new paradigm of law.

Since late 1999, she has been speaking, writing, and interacting with lawyers about this new paradigm of law. She is widely recognized as one of the leaders defining and guiding the movement. In her work, she has met thousands of lawyers and has developed meaningful connections with key leaders who are influential with thousands of other lawyers. She has consulted with media – mainstream, professional and alternative.

After years of working in the field, she identified the need for a central information resource and “virtual community center”. She launched CuttingEdgeLaw.com in March, 2009. As the publisher and managing editor of CuttingEdgeLaw.com, she and her business partner, Michael Matthews, have interviewed over 100 lawyers, law professors, law students, judges, and allied professionals who are working to create a new paradigm of legal practice. CuttingEdgeLaw.com combines her commitment to a new model of law with years of study of transformational technology, social construction, conflict resolution, socially responsible business, human dynamics, neuroscience, and learning theory.

Kim coaches lawyers on transforming their law practices and helping Lawyers Find Their Authentic Voice and Tell the Whole Truth About Who They Are, What They’re Doing and Why They’re Doing It. She develops continuing legal education programs and has published many articles and chapters in magazines and books. She is involved in several think-tanks and support circles and is working on a documentary series about law. She also has been an adjunct professor at three colleges, including her alma mater, Warren Wilson College, in Asheville where she majored in Business Management and International Studies.

In November of 2009, the ABA named Kim as one of the 50 “Legal Rebels who are “finding new ways to practice law, represent their clients, adjudicate cases and train the next generation of lawyers,”

In 2009, the American Bar Association contacted Kim to author a book detailing this new paradigm in law. Lawyers as Peacemakers: Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law was released April 2010 and reached the ABA best seller list from pre-orders alone. It was also named one of the 50 Flagship Books for the American Bar Association.

“J. Kim Wright is a very strong example of a “Gravitational Core” of a conversation—whereby the conversations that constitute “restorative justice” etc. find her, and the more they find her, the more mass there is, and thus more conversations tend to find her.” -Scott Wolf, Performance and Leadership Consultant at Sunergos Consulting

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Kim raised 16 children: two birth children, plus step-children and other children who needed a home. Kim started law school with seven children at home, ages spanning 2-16 years old. Her title has since expanded to include “grandmother” and her oldest grandson just became a father.

In Spring of 2008, Kim gave up her home and office and began to travel full-time. Since then she has spent time in 27 states and was interviewed in Key West, FL.

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