The Art of Becoming: Part 2: Do More

“I have been impressed with the urgency of DOING. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

I’ve already introduced you to the first article in this four-part series, “The Art of Becoming: Be More.” Being more means internally becoming the person you want to be and building a self-image that supports your vision. No matter what, you must first become internally the person you want to eventually become externally.

Now we will shift our focus from the internal to the external. The second facet in “The Art of Becoming” is “doing more.” This might sound intimidating, as if you need to add a dozen things each day to your to-do list, but that is absolutely not the case.

What you must “do” is take the right action at the right time, action that is aligned with the person you decided that you wanted to “be.” There are so many actions that we take each and every day that in no way with the person and the life we truly wish to live. With every action we take and everything we spend our energy doing, we must contemplate whether that action will move us toward our ultimate goal or away from it.

If it moves us toward our ultimate goal and vision of what we wish to create in our lives, then it is a worthy action and a good use of our time. If it moves it away from our goal, or even if it simply leaves us in the same place, it is not a good use of our time, energy, and resources, and it should not be done.

Even activities that feel “neutral” can be things that move you away from your goal. If something is not moving you away from your goal in obvious ways that are readily noticeable (for example, if it is not moving you toward your goal and feels like it is just neutral, like it’s standing still) it is actually moving you away from your goal because you now have less time to do the things that will move you toward your goal. Activities like wasting time on the internet or mindless television watching fall into this category. The time you spend doing these things (unless they are a very intentional form of self-care by allowing yourself a little “downtime”) is time you could have spent on things that you know would have brought you closer to your visions and dreams and allowed you to live your values and priorities. moment of our day, we make decisions on how to use the most precious, irreplaceable commodity that we have in this life—our time. Time is the one thing we can never get back once we have used it. We can make more money to replace that which we spend. We can buy new things to replace things that we break, give away, or otherwise release from our lives. We can get more food, more clothes, more of any material resource that we use up in our everyday living. But we cannot create or buy more time. There is a finite supply of it in each one of our lives, and we should be incredibly careful about how we use it. It is a non-renewable resource – treat it like the precious thing that it is!

TODAY: As you decide to “Do More,” you are actually deciding to do more of the things that are aligned with your ultimate goal for your life and business and less of the things that are not aligned with your goal. Take the time to look at what you decided you want to “be” and then consider which activities in your life will do the most to move you toward that vision. Which activities are in line with your vision of who you want to become? Don’t do the actions that the “you” that you are “becoming” would not do. Only do those actions, repeatedly, that are completely congruent with the kind of person and lawyer you desire to become.

Next we will consider the third step in “The Art of Becoming.” Remember, these are simple, but not easy steps. As you make a commitment to “be more” and “do more” and actually do that work, the next two phases in “The Art of Becoming” will begin to happen almost automatically. By taking these steps consistently, you will become the person you most aspire to be and will achieve the results in life that you desire.

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