The Art of Becoming: Part 3: Have More

“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” ~ Oscar Wilde

This article is the third in a series entitled “The Art of Becoming.” In the past two articles, we have considered the importance of “being more” rooted in our own sense of self-image and self-worth, and “doing more,” meaning that we take consistent and aligned action with the self-image and vision for our life that we hold. we must consider “having more.” Now I know that as soon as you hear that, you may think I am talking about having more material possessions and a huge bank account. Isn’t that what “having more” usually means? I think if we asked ten people on the street what they thought “having more” meant, most of them would equate it with financial or material gain.

But there is so much more to “having more.” Think about all of the things you could have more of in your life that would add significantly to your quality of life, even more so than money. Sometimes it takes a moment to shift out of our conditioned and patterned thinking that “having more” is all about the cash, the cars, and the homes, but think about those things that really make your life worth living, and then think about what having more of those things would mean in your life.

Would you want to have more of a relationship with your life partner?

Would you want to have more quality time with your children, family, and friends?

Would you want to have more of a spiritual connection?

Would you want to have more physical health, fitness, and strength?

Would you want to have more fulfillment and enjoyment in your work?

Would you want to have more happiness and peace of mind?

And, while it is not the only thing, but it is a significant thing, would you want to have more financial abundance in your life?

Think about other things that align with your ideals, values, and what’s important to you that you would like to experience more of in your life. You can “have” those things when you have taken the first two steps in the “Art of Becoming,” namely “being more” and “doing more.”

When you become the person who experiences the life you want and takes the actions necessary and aligned with that person, the result is inevitable—you will have more of what you are moving toward.  Remember: the first step is to “Be More.”Identify what is most important to you, your values, your ideals, and your vision for your life. Think thoughts and have beliefs about yourself and the world around you that are in line with the person you want to be. Then “Do More.” Take actions that the person you are becoming would take, every day, no matter what. you will “Have More.” You will have deeper relationships, if that is your value.You will have greater physical health, if that is what you want. You will have the fulfillment you desire in your work and the financial abundance that you seek. You will have the spiritual connection you long for. Anything you desire you can have—if only you will “Be More” and “Do More.” You personally are responsible for the image you carry around of yourself and the actions you take to achieve what your goals are—no one can go through this process for you. But you have the power to do it for yourself, and the endless possibilities that are within you will become reality when you follow this process. 

TODAY: Make a list of the things you would like to have more of, whether they are financial, emotional, spiritual or physical. What can you do to be more and do more in order to achieve these goals so you can have more?

Next we will consider the fourth and final step in “The Art of Becoming”—what to do once you have achieved and attained what you desire. These are simple, but not easy steps. Be gentle and patient with yourself. These are choices that we make every single day, in a diligent manner. As you make a commitment to “Be More” and “Do More” then actually do that work, you will “Have More” of the objects of your “being” and “doing”—the goals and visions you have placed your focus upon. By taking these steps consistently, you will become the person you most aspire to be and will achieve the results in life that you desire.

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