The Art of Becoming: Part 4: Share More

“Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~ Norman Macewan

This is the fourth and final article in my series entitled “The Art of Becoming.” In the past three articles, we have considered the importance of: (1) “being more,” rooted in our own sense of self-image and self-worth; (2) “doing more,” meaning that we take consistent and aligned action with the self-image and vision for our life that we hold; and, (3) “having more,” enjoying the realization of the things in our life that we truly value and desire, financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

I am not the first person to talk about the “Be More, Do More, and Have More” idea. You may have heard it elsewhere—it is not new, though I have always found it to be meaningful wherever I saw it referenced. But I have never seen anything attached to it to direct us on what to do after we “have more.” What then? So what? Is “having more” the ultimate outcome?

So I have added a fourth step, a step that makes the whole process, “The Art of Becoming” feel much more cyclical and whole. fourth step is about “sharing more.” Once we become the person we seek to be, who is taking the actions that are aligned with our intentions and values, we will realize and attain those things that we are seeking. Yet if we simply keep all of that happiness, abundance, and bliss to ourselves, everything stagnates. The energy stops. We are created to be in community with others, and when we experience abundance, it is our joy to share it with others.

For our purposes, as we focus on “The Art of Becoming,” it is important to realize that when we give, when we share, we become more of the person we seek to be. This makes the cycle complete. First we become the person we aspire to be in our own vision and mind. Then we literally start taking the actions that an idealized person would take and enjoying the benefits that person would enjoy. Finally, we have the opportunity to share what we have attained. That final step in the process brings us full circle, back to the place where we began by allowing us to fully and completely “be” the person we envisioned.

“As you sow, so shall you reap.” We hear this often, but we also underestimate the wisdom in the short verse. As we sow (meaning plant or put out into the world), so shall we reap (meaning receive or bring back into our lives). To truly attain the good in our lives that we seek, we must put that good out into the world. The good we send out into the lives of others cannot help but return to us, which is why “sharing” is a critical piece in the “art of becoming” and completes the process. With our actions of sharing, we can start the circulation of abundance and joy with the lives of those we touch. can only give what you already have. Anything you give to others, you must first possess. Likewise, by “sharing” what you have received in the process of “becoming,” you truly possess whatever you have given. You have “become” a person who has love, self-respect, abundance, or whatever other attribute or possession you at first set out to acquire. It is truly yours when you share it with others.

“Being More,” “Doing More,” and “Having More” allow you to “Share More.” And “sharing more” allows you to “be more.” The cycle begins again. Life is a continuous process of “becoming,” and we are always growing and changing into deeper, better versions of ourselves. That is the human experience, and the journey is incredible. If you are not growing, you are dying—it is that way in all of nature. Continue to grow, continue to “become.” Your destiny is in your hands if you will take responsibility for it and step onto the path of “becoming.” It is the only path worth traveling in this life.

TODAY: Reflect on what “The Art of Becoming” means in your life. Where in your life do you want to be, do, have, and share more? I invite you to take time to really think through how this could change your life. I know it will change your life if you have the courage to truly start taking steps, no matter how small, that will help you create a masterpiece out of your own life. That is “The Art of Becoming.”

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