Pray and Move Your Feet!

“I think there is something, more important than believing: Action! The world is full of dreamers, there aren't enough who will move ahead and begin to take concrete steps to actualize their vision.”~ W. Clement Stone

Physical fitness and exercise have never been my strong suits. In fact, I have started more fitness, exercise, and healthy eating plans than I choose to admit (or I can’t admit to because I seriously cannot count them all!) I finally made a strong to myself to get in shape. I needed the energy that I have heard comes from regular exercise. Ditto for the mental clarity (boy, could I use that one!) And certainly as time marches on, I can use regular exercise for what it does to keep my body strong, healthy, and fit.

So I enrolled in a class called “Power Pump” at the local gym. No—not “Powder Puff”—which some of you who know me closely think would be a better name for any sort of exercise class that I promise to do regularly. “Power Pump” is 50 minutes of intense weightlifting with hand weights, bars and a good dose of abdominal work, lunges, squats—you get the idea.  Twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have been at the gym challenging myself to get in shape.

This class has actually made me a much, much more regular exerciser than I ever have been in my life. And I actually just signed up for more of the same bi-weekly routine again. Yikes!

But being in a class and finally getting into the groove of regular exercise has reminded me of an important lesson. Sometimes—many times—we are quick to dream, to set goals, to have visions. And these are all very, very good first steps in moving forward toward the ultimate realization of something we want. But it is not enough.

Without action, our dreams will never come true. Sorry to rain on your parade (and my own, sometimes!) but we need to “pray and move our feet!” Simply put, have dreams, have goals, pray, visualize, do all of your mental work, and then GET MOVING! Be that physically moving (as mine has been in “Power Pump”) or “moving” by doing what you know needs to be done in your home, practice, or relationships—nothing is going to change until you get the ball rolling with some ACTION!

Think of it—you may dream and long for a clean orderly home (I know I do!), but it is not going to clean itself. Those boxes packed away in the garage or basement or attic are not going to sort themselves. Scrubbing bubbles only go so far—it also takes elbow grease!

Or in your career—there are certainly things that you know need to be done, but they are not your favorite things to do, or you simply find ways to put them off. Is that really going to get you ahead? Are you really going to look back at the end of the day and know you made solid progress toward your goal? No—not with hours spent on Facebook, Twitter, and organizing your pen drawer and color-coding your files, just to put off the work that you know you should be doing!

Even those things that we truly do pray for and ask for God’s support on—we need to do our part. “Faith without works is dead”, the Apostle Paul said. It’s true—faith is a critical component, but works are, too. God told Noah to build the ark, but Noah didn’t sit around and wait for a boat the size of a football field to drop from the sky. Noah built the ark, plank by plank, board by board. Now that was some hard work. Noah truly was “praying and moving his feet.”

So remember, dreaming and and believing deeply in all of those things that you want to bring into your life is a vital first step in achieving, but the second and just as important piece is ACTION!

TODAY: What one action can you take on an important goal to make progress and truly feel that you are on your way toward bringing the thing that you want into your life? Think of this both through your believing and through your ACTION!

Choose that one action and do it. Don’t do anything else until you do it, and see how great you feel knowing you are one step closer to that dream!

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