The Price of Getting It All Done you’re like most women today, you’re struggling to find the balance between work, family and self. You’re taking care of the needs of everyone else, leaving you little time, energy or motivation for your own self care. You have a heaping pile of obligations, responsibilities, commitments and chores and it takes focus, organization and excellent time management skills to get it all done. You accomplish in a day what most people do over the course of a week. You cross off tasks on your “to-do” list with a heavy sigh and a sense of relief. So, instead of feeling great when you get it all done, why is it that you have that nagging sense of unease?

Chances are, in your effort to “get it all done” you’ve disregarded the need for fun, joy, passion and purpose. Maybe there’s a dream unfulfilled and your busy schedule doesn’t allow for any time to pursue a passion. Maybe there are needs unmet such as extra sleep, exercise or spending time with friends but your obligations don’t allow the extra time to fit it all in. Maybe you’re so busy, you haven’t even had the opportunity to think about what it is that you actually need and what is necessary to make you feel happy and complete. Yes you may be getting it all done but there’s a good chance it’s at the expense of a healthy and balanced body, mind and spirit.

This is the way many of us are living today. We’re putting our needs at the bottom of the priority list because we’ve been conditioned to care for everyone else first. We feel guilty when we show ourselves any self-care and we’ve resigned ourselves to thinking that this is what life is. Well, the way we travel through womanhood is a very unique and personal decision. There is no “one size fits all” method, but instead many styles and choices to choose from. So here’s a thought. Try to see yourself from someone else’s eyes. How would they describe you? For example, would they describe you as silly, fun and relaxed or as someone who’s always stressed, anxious and impatient? Once you get your answer now determine if your thoughts, habits and behaviors have had a positive or negative effect on the way you look, feel and live. Finally, when you get those answers, determine if how you’re living needs to change. you’re a mom, you are the single biggest influence in your children’s lives. They watch, learn and emulate your thoughts, words and actions. If you don’t like the image you’re projecting or the role model you’ve become…change! Every home has a feeling within it. Almost like the many different styles of music, if you were to go from one house to the next, you’d find a certain harmony within the home. Some homes are melodious and soothing, while others are so noisy and thrashing they can give you a headache! Well, much of the harmony begins with mom and is determined by the way mom feels. If mom is feeling peaceful, happy and content she will enhance her family with the benefit of these emotional states. If she’s feeling drained, unfulfilled and unhappy she’ll bring these feelings into the home as well. 

By Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC The Mojo CoachÒ

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