Our Values

Our Values

As Kendra Brodin Companies, LLC and Women Lawyers Online expands to include a spectrum of consulting, counseling, membership communities, educational opportunities, and products, we wish to share with you our guiding values, values that shape our company and our future.

We invite you to take a look at the principles on which our company is founded and the core values that we both live by and permeates everything our company does and creates.

Kendra Brodin Companies, LLC and Women Lawyers Online Founding Principle

Success is not an accident. As lawyers, we create success in our practices and in our lives as a result of combining compelling vision, sincere desire, focused attention, and intelligent action.  We believe it is entirely possible for women lawyers to design and live the lives and legal practices they wish for, and we provide the tools to help them achieve that.

Our Core Values:

  1. Provide an Exceptional Client Experience: Whether the client is an individual, a law firm, or a CLE provider, our desire is to provide an exceptional client experience. We believe that it is the client who is the ultimate judge of the quality of our services and products, and we are a group of over-achievers. As a team, we go above-and-beyond to serve our customers and clients. In every interaction with our company and team, we want to exceed expectations.
  2. Never Compromise on Integrity or Quality: Two things that we never compromise on are integrity and quality, and they go hand in hand for us. At every level of our company, we operate by the highest ethical standards, creating relationships of trust and respect with all of our customers and clients.
  3. Focus on Solutions, Not Problems: In our company, we don’t dwell on what isn’t working – we fix it. We seek out opportunities to improve ourselves, our services, and our company. We keep a positive attitude, which makes our work more enjoyable. Our clients and customers trust us to be responsive and pleasant. We are proud of the deep, meaningful, and positive relationships with have formed with our clients and customers.
  4. Create a Fulfilling, Fascinating, and Fun Work Environment: We intentionally build a team of individuals in our organization that both enjoy working together and being together. We have sought out the best individuals to bring into our company, individuals who can provide the highest levels of skill and expertise in their specific roles. We respect one another as professionals and individuals, and we believe that when our team is strong and positive, we can provide the kind of exceptional services for which we are known.
  5. Be A Leader: We strive to be at the forefront of our industry, creating innovative services and products that serve the needs of our customers and clients practically before they realize they have them. We work with bright, strategic collaborators and visionaries to ensure that we are consistently acting as leaders and trailblazers in our field.

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