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If you’re a woman lawyer, you’re twice as likely to leave your profession as your male peers.

That fact has nothing to do with how passionate you are about the law or how good you are at practicing it. In fact, over 75% of women truly enjoy working in the law and feel deeply committed to their work.

That doesn’t change the more depressing numbers: women lawyers are more likely to be passed over for partner, more likely to be seen as less talented, and more likely to feel that they don’t have enough time.  

It doesn’t have to be this way.  

Women face a unique set of challenges as lawyers, and few firms offer any means of addressing those issues. As women, we’re expected not only to excel in the workplace, but to manage families and households with the same efficiency and devotion we bring to the law.

And we want to – we believe in having fulfilling personal lives at the same time that we’re bringing our A-game to the office. We’re certain that if we just had a better process, we could climb the career ladder without having to compromise our happiness.

If you truly want to do it all, you’ve come to the right place.

Women Lawyers Online is an exclusive online resource designed to address both sides of the challenge of being a woman lawyer in today’s world. Kendra Brodin, CEO and Founder of Women Lawyers Online and longtime consultant on the subject of the attraction, retention, and advancement of women attorneys, has been privately offering her expertise to individuals and law firms. Through Women Lawyers Online, she’s helping even more women lawyers nationwide eliminate the challenges that keep them from excelling in the law.

Professionally, members of Women Lawyers Online can:

  • Acquire CLE credits and trainings from the convenience of their own phone and computer
  • Build a better legal practice with improved marketing so you can acquire more clients fast
  • Addressing your clients’ needs more closely so you can boost client loyalty and retention
  • Communicate more effectively so you can get your opinion heard and considered seriously
  • Set goals that will improve your efficiency in the workplace, making you a better overall performer
  • Succeed in a larger firm among other top lawyers and improve your standing with your peers
  • Present a more impressive face to both your clients and your colleagues so you can establish authority in your field
  • Give the best of your talent, dedication, and skills at work every single day – without burning out

Personally, members of Women Lawyers Online can:

  • Counter your personal challenges so you can focus more completely on your legal practice
  • Eliminate the stress that keeps you from performing at your peak 
  • Handle difficulties at home with minimal anxiety so they don’t follow you to work
  • Improve your health by making time for fitness, healthy food, and sufficient sleep so you can perform with tons of energy at home and at work
  • Manage your time more effectively so you never have to neglect your personal OR work life
  • Understand what you really want out of your career so you can work toward your goals swiftly
  • Develop solid personal relationships so you excel as a parent, spouse, partner, or friend

You don’t need to feel split between two worlds.

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You’re at the office working on a challenging, fascinating case, yet you’re distracted by concerns that you’re not spending enough time at home. Or you’re at home playing with your kids or having dinner with your spouse, and you can’t help but think of the massive pile of briefs on your desk that you face in the morning.

You want to excel in both these worlds. When you’re at the office, you want to give everything you have to your work. When you’re at home, you want to leave your work behind and enjoy yourself. And it’s possible. You just need the right mindset, a better set of professional and personal management tools, and a network of people just like yourself: women who are devoted to being better lawyers and better people.

It’s more than having it all. It’s about having what matters. A fulfilling life and an amazing legal career.

If you focus solely on your career, your personal life is going to suffer. If you focus solely on your personal goals, you’re not going to develop as a respected lawyer nearly as quickly. We think you shouldn’t have to make a choice between giving your attention to one or the other – in fact, we know women lawyers succeed best when both of these essential facets of their lives complement one another.

Join a group of women who know that they can shatter the statistics that say they can’t do it all. Women who choose not to neglect one facet of themselves in favor of another. Women who know that their professional and personal lives need to develop and succeed simultaneously to bring them ultimate satisfaction, both in the office and at home.

Your firm wants better women lawyers. Show them what you’ve got.

Every smart law firm in the country wants to see its women lawyers succeed. They want to attract, retain, and, ideally, advance the promising women lawyers that they bring into their firms. They simply don’t have the tools or the resources to address these challenges in-house. Firms have often had their support structures in place for dozens of years, and they usually fail to reflect the challenges women face.

That doesn’t mean they’re not willing to address them. Only that you need to make it easy for them. Show your firm’s decision-makers what comes with Women Lawyers Online (including all the monthly education credits included in membership) and they’ll instantly see the benefits: more focus and discipline in the workplace, improved efficiency and leadership, up-to-the-minute education and expertise, and happier, better performing lawyers overall.

It’s a career boost for you and a smart investment for them. Become an individual member or encourage your firm to become a member so all of the women lawyers in your firm can benefit. Start working toward becoming not only a better lawyer, but a better person. Or point them toward our Firm Discount Rates to get every woman in your firm on board, and you’ll find you’re not alone in facing these challenge – or in tackling them.

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Membership includes:

  • One Live One-hour Continuing Education seminar with Kendra Brodin and guest experts on substantive areas of law. Depending on your state, you could receive all of your CLE credits through WLO as there will be 15-credit opportunities every year on a variety of topics, including Ethics and Elimination of Bias.
  • One 90-minute live monthly group coaching call each month with access for WLO Members only. Kendra will answer questions live on the call for any members or members can submit questions in advance.
  • One live monthly call devoted to either a professional development topic (such as marketing, networking, building your practice, increasing number and quality of clients, improving client services and retention, effective speaking and communication, goal-setting and achieving, etc.) or a personal development topic (such as time management, decreasing stress, improving physical fitness, improving your professional and personal appearance, parenting, relationships, etc.)
  • Electronic Recordings and transcripts of all live calls, including CLE calls, downloadable from the WLO private membership area online within 48 hours of the live call.
  • Weekly newsletter delivered to your email inbox
  • 3 new weekly articles in private membership area by Kendra Brodin or other experts on legal practice, personal development and success, and leadership skills 
  • At least one new video each week by Kendra Brodin and other guest experts in the private membership area
  • 20% discount on any products, programs, retreats, or educational opportunities offered by WLO (not including individual coaching sessions)

With CLE credits costing at least $100 each, the cost of the Basic Membership at $97/month is a value if it only included the one CLE credit course.

But it includes so much more, such as group coaching time with Kendra, many additional training and development opportunities, and community and mentorship that is second to none.

Firm Discount Rates

If you are a legal firm with five or more women lawyers who would benefit from this program, you are eligible for a discounted rate. Any firm may enroll unlimited women lawyers in this program for a single flat rate. Contact Kendra directly at for a quote on firm membership for your organization.

No matter how many women in your firm enroll in our program, you still receive the same flat rate. Your women lawyers will develop the skills to manage their careers with the poise, new knowledge, and legal education they need to excel in your firm.

Plus, you will be giving them convenient, online access to a number of valuable CLE credits that you would have been paying for anyway, along with significant professional and personal development tools that will help them become better lawyers and better leaders.

There are unlimited benefits to enrolling your firm’s women lawyers in this program. Your lawyers are a reflection on your firm’s expertise and ability; be sure that your women lawyers are getting the resources they need to represent you better than ever before.

It’s time to stop compromising.

Excelling in the law is about bringing your best every day – and you can’t do that if you lack the resources to manage the challenges women face in the legal profession. Our goal is to help women attorneys thrive in both their legal practice and their lives.

You expect a lot, and you deserve it.

Start the journey toward experiencing the best that life and your legal career have to offer.

Join the Women Lawyers Online community today!

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By signing up for membership you agree that your credit card will automatically be charged $97 per month on a recurring basis until membership is canceled.

* We strive to meet Continuing Legal Education requirements for all of our classes, but unfortunately the requirements across states vary greatly and we are still working to ensure that every one of our classes is applicable in every state. Please see each class for a list of the states for which it meets CLE requirements, and be assured that we structure every class to get credits for the greatest number of our members.