Viveka von Rosen

Viveka von Rosen has made a career out of helping people.

As CEO of Linked Into Business, Viveka enables business professionals to make personal connections in a professional manner.  When her clients make strides in their careers, she has met her objective.

Viveka focuses on working with entrepreneurs, people who are either in business for themselves or want to be.  “So often we are on the verge of success but either don’t have the marketing background or self belief to make it… It’s all about relationship building and showing my clients how to transform the relationships they already have into channels of income.”
The social media movement makes sense to her because she believes that people – at personal and professional levels – ultimately want to connect with other people.  Viveka saw LinkedIn’s potential early on, and pursued connections and learning opportunities persistently.

Viveka maintains that there are plenty of free or inexpensive ways to grow a business.  The hardest part?  Actually doing the steps it takes, focusing and strategizing.  And that’s where the mentoring comes in.

She tells her clients, “Social Media is a great tool to express your genius and who you are.”  It is the opposite of anonymity.. “It  gives individuals the ability to share your voice, feelings, beliefs and some people hear them, as opposed to just being an unheard peon in a marriage, at work, or in a church.  A lot of people feel unheard and unsupported, as if they have no meaning. Social media gives each person the opportunity to speak, gain a tribe and have some meaning.”

Viveka comes to Linked Into Business with a broad skill set, including sales, education, marketing, ministering, and as a competitive hang glider pilot.  To her Social Media is just a tool – one that she deftly wields to accomplish what she is truly passionate about: coming into your own,  empowered and moving into a space where you can lift others up.